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Szerytattoo Tattoo Studio Warsaw

The “SZERYTATTOO” studio isn’t a factory where we mechanically approach the same patterns. By trying to apply to each client individually, in order to give you the best tattoo possible, we cherish the process of creativity.

We’ve Got Exactly What You Need Creativity
And Crazy Concepts

We do our best to be the studio that stimulates our clients’ creativity as well as imagination. These values are fundamental when it goes to cooperation with us, since they are the reason why completely new, original and crazy concepts are often created.

Szerytattoo artist
Mixer i Aldona
What Does The Creativity Mean To Us?

It’s not just the artistic creation, but above all, openness to individuality and personality of our clients. We are convinced that ingenuity is the result of who we are and how we can see things. Creativity is also inseparable from intuition. We believe that going beyond our comfort zone full of known patterns and habits, we create completely new ideas.

A Place Like Home

Smile no matter what! Creativity is the best response for joy and pleasure! Our climatic, inspiring and even a little bit loony interior, where you can feel at home, also influences your free expression. This explosive mixture allows us to work at full speed and gives us a lot of mutual satisfaction.

Studio Szerytattoo
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