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Meet the founders and the owners of our tattoo: Mixer and Aldona "Szery"

They like to introduce themselves as a „hardcore tattooing team” a combination of a tattooing woman and a hardcore drummer. Mixer went to Aldona because he wanted to get a tattoo ... Aldona hit Mixer because she wanted to tattoo someone. One can say it’s the irony of fate, but from the beginning of their friendship, they knew that they both wanted to slightly turn the world upside down by creating something unconventional!

The idea to found a studio was born completely spontaneously. One day Aldona and Mixer came to the conclusion that they want to pursue what they both love to death and find the most crucial in life – to become independent and free by creating something special ... Yes yes ... from the very beginning to the very end. Both of them are sure that only through the idea of creating with passion and being passionate about creating you can produce something unique.

This is how at the end of 2008 Szerytattoo was created in the very centre of Warsaw.


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