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Seba is a tattoo artist with many years of experience. The versatility of his interests in art makes him perfect for both realistic, neotraditional or comic works. As you will notice, Seba mostly does his work in gray, but don't let that fool you because it also fits very well in very colorful tattoos. Apart from tattooing, he is a man who can tell you everything with a passion about Mercedes. His interests also include photography, and whenever there is such a possibility, he sneaks out in his free time to hike in the mountains.
We will present a cross-section of his works that will appear in his gallery ...
Now, maybe a few words from Seba:
"Hi. I'm Seba. Instead of writing, I prefer to paint, so it will be short. My internship in the field is a decade, the style in which I find myself the most is real monochrome. However, it does not mean that I avoid others, if I like an idea and it is possible to implement, I create. I also like colors. A bit cartoonish motifs, but not only. The exploration of the art of tattooing brings me a lot of fun. See you in the studio "


Realistic tattoo

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